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 Rankings and traffic all matter, but if your visitors don’t convert into actual sales or money, it doesn’t really matter. All I care about is how much profitable traffic I can drive to your business which will double or even triple your revenue.


I make people more money and that is my main intention. I really don’t care about traffic, seo, ranking, advertising, pr or anything else…

… all I care about is how much money I can make you and what I can do to double or triple your ROI. I will first analyze your business, find the areas that require improvement and come up with a blueprint to boost your revenue. And before we even start our engagement, I’ll use numbers to show you how much I can make you in the short and long run and what steps are required to be completed to hit those revenue milestones.

If you are interested in increasing your profits with very little effort on your part then read on… this is probably the most amazing and exciting message you will ever read…


Hey! My name is Salman Ahsan and I am best known for my expertise in many areas; from graphic designing to coding, from building websites to assembling a computer, from consulting businesses to making money online, from social media marketing to mobile marketing, I have done it all.

In addition to running several well known blogs, MastermindBlogger.com, WhyGoGreenToday.com, and an online marketing agency, EliteKey2Marketing.com, I’ve worked with both small and medium sized clients from various industries and niches.  

If we end up working together, you will not only get access to me but to my expert team where each team member has unique talent and capability.

My services are not for you if…

  • You want to spend all your time trying to learn and apply different strategies for yourself to make small bucks.
  • You are not willing to adapt to new innovative technology and tactics
  • You are not willing to make changes to your current marketing plan if it is required

On the other hand, if you are seeking someone who could take away all your stress of getting exposure to your business online, driving traffic and increasing your revenue with done-for-you marketing service, we will be good fit. You will become a part of my elite group of clients who get my personal attention and access to top level industry stuff. Let me and my team take care of everything for you.

I have an elite team where each member is unique and talented. They create and produce awesome top-notch content, build network of quality backlinks, create strong online social presence; and open the floodgate of long-lasting profitable traffic to your business.


Here’s how it works:

The truth is, there is a very small chance we will end up working together. This is because my service might not be right for you, or your business might not be right for me. Whatever it is, if the chemistry works well, we will create wonders. Or else, we will simply part ways.

If you do begin a full-service SEO, social media or mobile marketing engagement with me, I will immediately start analyzing your business and dig deep into it so I and my team can learn as much about your company.

We will also customize my “marketing plans and strategies” to fit your requirements. This is done to maximize profits which I demand for each of my clients.

We are just getting started and I want you to leverage my skills and my team’s ability to boost your revenue and drive long lasting profitable traffic. I want my team to become an extension of yours because the closer we get, the quicker we will be able to deliver. We are only a phone call away, and I expect the same from you.

If this sounds interesting then contact me for a confidential discussion

Fill out the form below and we will arrange a time for a confidential chat about growing your business. Let’s have a candid discussion about the services you need, what strategy would currently work for your business and see if I’ll be able to help.

We can offer our inclusive and done-for-you service to only 1 client at a time. This helps to maintain quality and consistency. Hurry and secure your spot today!

Last but not the least, you can continue browsing and looking for the perfect PR agency for your company and spend thousands of dollars OR you can continue being chased around by various marketers, consultants and service providers pushing the latest B/S marketing gimmick. If both the options are not your type, then let us work together, in which case you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You can always be in peace of mind knowing someone legitimate and professional is taking care of your marketing strategies to boost your revenue, period!

Yours Trully,

Salman Ahsan

P.S. My clients often tell me that they make more money than I do. Contact me today to secure your spot before it’s taken.

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