Aweber Database Hack & Email Scam: Millions of Email Addresses Compromised

I am not sure if you guys know anything about the recent aweber email scam. There wasn’t that much news about it and it’s sad that most bloggers won’t blog about it; I am sure you know the reason- if not then keep reading.

I have used aweber since 1.5 years. I haven’t used email marketing much which was a big mistake on my part especially in the internet marketing world. However, this post is not related to my mistakes nor Justin bieber, it’s about the “most popular” email marketing company aweber.

Most marketers and bloggers trust aweber and promote it to their readers but the fact is, they are not the best one out there. Why would someone tell you that a product sucks when he or she is making money from it? And even if they do, they might be promoting a competitor’s product. Aweber has an affiliate program and many bloggers including me 😉 promote them. If you see aweber cloaked with my affiliate link on this post, blame it on SEO Smart Links – I am assuming even this one is linked up 😉

Aweber was hacked several times in the past and millions of email addresses were compromised. Check out a post written by Darren Rowse on problogger: Aweber Makes a Statement About Their Data Being Compromised

Note that the post was made in 2009 which is over 2 years ago. There is another post made on aweber’s blog: Email Subscriber Data Accessed; What We’re Doing About It. This post was written in 2010 which is last year.

When Barman talked shit about aweber, I felt some of the stuff was true but now I know that he makes sense.

Aweber Email Scam


Recently, I received an email and you can see the screenshot below:

As you can see, the email looks so legit that most people would simply take action as in do what the email says. I knew something was not right at the first glance and before I could even check the link, it was suspended. I really love exploring stuff like these (even if website is filled with viruses and Trojans)..’cuz that’s how I discover new scams and reveal them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if aweber gets hacked once every year; there seems to be at least 1 post regarding this issue every year. Aweber says they have over 80,000 customers. I bet some of the top gurus using aweber have hundreds and thousands of subscribers. Imagine over 44 million emails leaked into the wild. I know it’s scary but this is the fact and we cannot do anything about it—oh wait, maybe there is something.

I am not saying aweber sucks and you should quit using them. I believe nothing is perfect and even my sites were hacked couple of times. Mistakes are made, things can be compromised but precaution is better than cure. We can definitely take advanced steps to avoid further breach. Aweber should take action and fix this issue once in for all. I wouldn’t be happy if I have to write something shitty again about them next year.

What is the alternative?


Of course, this is the most important part of this post. Even though, I am still with aweber and will continue to use them, I believe we all need an alternative. I know how important is email marketing and there is always an alternative; a better choice for the serious marketers.

If you have followed my previous posts here and even on Mastermind blogger, you should know that I have always talked good about mailchimp. Beside aweber, I also use mailchimp. The best part is; they allow you to have up to 1000 subscribers for free which is just awesome. Aweber really can’t beat that offer. If you are wondering why I still use aweber – I find their interface pretty easy and since I am comfortable using it, Ill stick around. I am hoping they will come up with a solid solution in the future and at the same time, I am also testing and using mailchimp.

I love my readers and would never want their emails to be compromised. If you are my subscriber and receive spam, it’s because aweber or the email marketing company was breached. I haven’t started my awesome newsletter on this blog yet, it’s because I don’t want to simply give you guys shit in exchange of your email addresses. I believe in quality and I am currently working on a list; once it’s ready, I hope you guys get instant access :).

My ultimate goal is to develop my own email marketing system :). Trust me, with today’s modern tools, everything is possible. If you are an expert and are into programming and stuff, check out phplist. If you guys have any question or remarks please post below. I would love to hear different opinions

Posted on August 17, 2011 in Scam

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