7 Reasons Why Not to Choose Godaddy

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Godaddy, the most popular domain registrar has finally made it to my shit list. I can give you ton of reasons why they suck. Most people don’t know much about domain registrars. They come across godaddy because of their online presence; they spend huge sum of money on marketing and advertising. I am sure you have seen them on TV, posters and of course, the Super Bowl.

Godaddy seems to focus more on the godaddy girls and ridiculous ads rather than on stability, security and customer service. They are really smart and have innovative ways to overcharge their customers and make as much money as they can. If I knew about their evil tactics, I would have never chosen them in the first place.

There are over a million websites talking about why Godaddy sucks and my reasons are somewhat similar. I would have written this post earlier but recently, they really pissed me off. Read on to know why.

I had over 20 domains on godaddy that was expiring. I had to take quick action because I really did not want to lose them. When I logged into my account, the first thing godaddy showed me were the accounts which were expiring. Just prior to this, I received calls, discount post cards, emails from godaddy asking me to renew the domains. Wow, sweet right? You get discount coupons and emails at the right time…well its ok to some extent but receiving several emails a week can be annoying.

So this is what I did: added the domains to the cart for renewal, added a coupon code (which was pretty useless) and as soon as I was about to make the payment, I realized that the Free domain protection (the whois protection) was no longer free for the second year and there was no way to remove them. This means that I had to pay over $15-$20 for each domain. I think this is ridiculous and another sneaky godaddy tricks to make money.

[warning]The first year they offer a reduced price for domains and FREE whois protection but as soon as you hit the second year, they will F@#$^ you up![/warning]

I decided to transfer the domains to namecheap who I believe are far better than godaddy. They are neat and easy to deal with. Although I attempted to transfer all the expiring domains to namecheap, godaddy thwarted some of the attempts and I was able to transfer only a handful of them successfully. They have ton of reasons to give you when they can’t comply with your decision; stuff like these actually hurt my business while making them bank.

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7 Reasons Why Not to Choose Godaddy


  1. GoDaddy suspends accounts without due cause. It happened to one of my friend. Some of his domains were suspended without any valid reason.
  2. GoDaddy’s customer service sucks. They will call you to remind you about renewal but when it comes to support, they are worthless.
  3. GoDaddy uses dirty tricks to block domain name transfers. This just happened to me and unfortunately I decided to let some of the domains expire rather than renewing them with godaddy.
  4. GoDaddy gives 1 year FREE privacy but as soon as you hit the second year, you need to pay extra for it. Removing this option is not available and if it is then it’s a tough process (definitely not worth my time).
  5. Godaddy’s privacy option sucks. They give up your contact information to anyone who threatens to sue them. If we pay for privacy, we should get it.
  6. Godaddy’s marketing and promoting plans are evil. Once you visit their website to purchase a domain, they will display a ton of bonus options, features, deals etc. In simple words, they will try to lure you towards purchasing other related stuff. You might want to just get a domain but they will try to sell privacy, hosting and each and every thing that is related to it. Be smart and don’t fall for their discounts.
  7. Godaddy’s hosting platform is insanely complicated and is not suitable for newbies. Their entire system is friggin complicated.


[important]Godaddy just wants to make money and increase their brand presence. When it comes to customers, they really don’t care.[/important]

I wanted to play my part and educate others on what I think about godaddy. They are popular and a big brand; this simply doesn’t mean big brands are legit. I have over 3 years of experience with them and my review is totally unbiased. On my next post, I will provide a step by step guide on how to transfer your domains to namecheap or any other registrar. Let me know what you think about this? Do you think Godaddy Sucks?

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  • http://www.ojaireiki.com Sharmila

    When I was looking for a d.i.y. and web host, someone said to use godaddy. I thought it was a porn hosting site, this was 2 years ago before the nationwide striptease/girl-on-girl innuendo commercials. I could find less expensive places to host and buy my domain name. Plus I didn’t like godaddy’s d.i.y. web templates. I thought they looked
    amateurish and very uninspiring. I did some research and read reviews and I went with fatcow.com because their customer service was what they pride themselves on and you get more bang for your buck. I now use yola to make my website for free and still use fatcow for my domain name, fatcow has no issues with pointing my domain to another webhost! Hopefully godaddy will learn from all their mistakes

    another webho

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  • http://tfhackett.com TFHackett

    I’m a longtime GoDaddy customer who has been contemplating ditching GoDaddy for quite some time. I hate their sexist, obnoxious marketing, and I agree that the tools for managing domains and hosting are extremely counter-intuitive. Anytime you attempt to renew services online you have to click through page after page of attempts to upsell you into more costly packages and features. The only two upsides are the cost (although admittedly I haven’t shopped around extensively) and the customer service. I have had mostly good experience with the phone reps at GD. But GD’s support of SOPA (although they reversed their stance) was the last straw. I’m going with a much smaller company and am hoping I won’t miss GoDaddy too much.

    • Salman Ahsan

      join the league 😉

  • http://ecoartopia.org Giselle Bisson

    To whom it may concern,

    Three days ago, my website domain was replaced by a Japanese child porn website, thanks to GO DADDY’S crappy customer service.

    I founded an art business that brings high integrity spiritual art to festivals and events on the West Coast. We have been featured on TV, in a documentary film, on radio and all over Facebook where we have a following of more than 4000 people on two pages and an active Twitter community.

    I own and copyrighted the unique and beautiful brand and hired a top notch design team to build the website.

    The site has 22,000 links and shows up at the top of Google with a fairly high Alexa ranking. I spent more than $20,000 building the website, branding it, and more than two years of my life has been devoted to touring the art and promoting it at a personal cost of at least $50,000 per year in expenses. Our work has been seen on stages with celebrities like Mariel Hemingway, Dr. Bruce Lipton, John Robbins, Caroline Casty, Nicki Sculley and the author of “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman.

    I tried repeatedly to renew the domain with no success and also contacted Customer Service. The site url should have automatically renewed. Every time I tried to enter my new credit card information or use Pay Pal it would not work. I sincerely wished to renew the site and sincerely tried.

    The domain was aparently auctioned off as a “HIGH PR DOMAIN.” Why wasn’t I warned that this was happening? Is this bad customer service just a way to scam people out of their High PR sites so Go Daddy can make money from them? How sleazy.

    The new site is Japanese, and when translated it appears to be a Japanese Child Pornography/Erotica site, with links to a hotel where patrons can solicit children! Now MY 22,000 Google references direct people to a porn site!

    • Salman Ahsan

      Hey Giselle, I am really sorry for your loss :(. I am not sure if you were able to get this fixed but a little piece of advice.

      Godaddy sucks and they will go down. You are not the only victim and there are ton. I have heard people complaining that their domain was registered as soon as they searched it on godaddy; what this means- there is a possibility that godaddy or their shady employees use dirty tactics to register high valued domain names that was searched by one of the users.

      For exmaple, one of the guys claimed that when he looked up his niche site on godaddy, it was available. The keyword was pretty good and had a high CPC. In the next hour when he wanted to register the domain, it was already registered and guess what it showed in the administrative info? Godaddy Inc.. Dammit! This sucks and I am not sure how to get around this.. Oh wait maybe I do…

      I have moved out 95% of my domains and I suggest that everyone do the same.

      I appreciate that you took the time to raise this issue and detailed out everything. I hope everyone sees it and takes action.

      • http://www.ecoartopia.org giselle


        Thanks for your advice. I moved ALL of my domains over to WordPress where my credit card info (same card) was accepted immediately. The same task that took hours on Go Daddy too 30 seconds on WordPress. I now registered the .org domain and will do whatever it takes to get my .com back! All of my email is bouncing, my website is down, my business reputation is shattered and I will have to pay money to rebuild the site under a new domain. All so Go Daddy could make thousands from my url instead of the renewal fee.

        What a transparent scam.

        I will do whatever it takes to get this porn site shut down. It is scandalous to use the search rank generated by a legitimate, spiritual business to build traffic for a degrading and probably ilegal porn site!

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  • B

    I really don’t understand why people complain about a business when they clearly are the one at fault. Did you even READ the terms of service or what you agreed to pay? The only reason why I mention this is that the same thing happened to me. I spoke with a rep about it and they even showed me that YES, I was only paying for the first year. By the way, it was not hard at all to remove the privacy. You do have to log into a different website, but it literally took me two minutes to delete it and then continue with renewing my domains. I’m so sick of people in America complaining when 1) they don’t read, and 2) they have to do a little extra work. And what company do you know of that DOESN’T offer introductory rates?? My phone is free when I sign a new contract. It doesn’t mean that I expect to receive another free one the following year. My cable is discounted when I first sign up, but I also know that the price will change after a grace period. And FYI, every single domain registrar has good sides and bad sides. Trust me, I’ve tried at least 3 of the big ones. Trying to please every single customer is nearly impossible. The sad thing is the only people that will ever say anything are the ones the need to moan and complain. It’s actually comical. If having to remove privacy is the biggest hassle you have in life (and it must have been because you felt compelled to write about it) then congratulations. Your first-world problems are really not *that* bad.

    • B1

      I don’t get it either, I’m an American, and love Godaddy.com – I agree that the site takes a little getting used to, but everything you need is in there.. you’re in control of your domain name as well as hosting. All you have to do is read and research. There’s a way to remove the privacy also. All of these people dropping off Godaddy to go somewhere else will soon find out that they get what they pay for. (the grass is always greener on the other side).

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  • Starwitch Stone

    I’m mad at Godaddy too. They keep sending me coupons, but they’re all for new services. They used to give me coupons I could use on current services.

    If anyone has the problem you had, of not being able to renew domains without also renewing domain privacy at a high cost, don’t pay to renew the privacy. If you can’t figure out how to remove the privacy (which I’m sure is there in your account somewhere) just CALL Godaddy and do the renewal over the phone and they’ll be happy to remove the privacy for you. They actually have pretty decent customer phone support, despite what others say about them. I’ve been with Godaddy for around 15 years now and things have gone smoothly for the most part. I would really like my coupons back though, GODADDY!

  • Miriam

    Canadians, GoDaddy does not have any offices in Canada and do not abide by their terms of service. This is a company for all CANADIANS to avoid.

  • Miriam

    CANADIANS, also, if you don’t like their lack of customer service or the fact that they don’t follow through, godaddy WONT REFUND YOUR MONEY.

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