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Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, nothing much to post for today. I have been working on my offline business for a while and trying to take it to higher levels. Will keep you guys posted soon. There are lots to come and I am really excited. I have 2 months till new years 2012 which I plan to celebrate with my friends in Toronto :). In these 2 months, I still have some things planned as in business and cool stuff. Let’s see how things turn out.

Now back to the topic: Happy Halloween :D

I have 2 classes in a few hours (dislike) and then some business stuff at night, don’t think ill party tonight but you guys take it easy and don’t get too spooked.

Also, check out some awesome infographics I found related to Halloween. Talk Soon!

Interesting Facts about Halloween

Halloween By the Numbers

Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2011

Breaking down Halloween

The Darker Sides of Halloween

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