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6 Reasons Why Every College Student Should Start a Blog!

Recently, I did a presentation in my Organizational Communication class on the topic – Why students should start a blog! I have uploaded the presentation for your convenience. However, the slides contain more images than data since I enjoy speaking out the data :). I hope you find it useful because the 6 reasons I…

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I Suck at Buying Domains : 4 Tips to Avoid the Mistakes I Made

Owning hundreds of domains may sound cool but it is totally worthless if you are not generating revenues from them. In the past few years, I have purchased so many domains which I initially thought would work out good but unfortunately, ignored them and then let them expire. Today, I want to share some of…

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7 Quick and Effective Ways to Grow your Email List

The money is in the list! You have probably heard this ton of time and yet a lot fail to understand the value of list building. Whether you run a small business or large, email marketing can skyrocket your sales and make you money unlike any other methods. If you are not capturing leads from…

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Did You Create Your Ads or Sales Emails for this Holiday Season

Hey guys, just a quick reminder that holiday season is around the corner and most of you should know that this is the best time of the year to make some good money. Whether you are a consumer or a marketer, you definitely want to make the best out of this season. If you are…

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