New Years 2012: My Secret to Making the Most Money next Year!

New years is nothing more than an excuse to party :); make all those fake promises that we can’t keep and make plans that we fail to implement each year. How many of you really believe in the so called “Resolution”?

I have always believed in this phrase, “Action Speaks louder than Words!” My mom said that pretty often. Although, I did write down new years goals several times in the past, it hardly worked out for me. If you go back to my post which was made last year regarding new years 2011, I said New years resolution sucks.

The reasons I gave are someway similar to what most would give; some stuff worked out, some didn’t, lesson learned, need to work hard, need to change this and that, yada yada n yada… :)

So what now? No f***** resolution but a Vision and Solid plan.

I will be totally honest and I really don’t want to take up much time writing this post tonight because first of all, I had a long day; heck, its 4:20 am EST right now and I am awake trying to share some personal tips and plans which I believe will make me the most money in 2012 and most importantly, ill be doing what I love :)

BUT, before I begin, I would like to bring out some important issues to everyone’s attention. Some things I will say might seem offensive to some but I speak the truth. And whatever I am going to mention on this post, it is my opinion and it is what I feel and want to do! I hope you guys really get the point and learn something good.

I feel this is an important issue and you all should know this because it does AFFECT my Vision and 2012 Plans.

Without further ado, my take on the internet world and my plans for 2012…

I have hated the internet marketing industry from the moment I stepped in, it was 2009. The reason is pretty simple: everyday, its getting dirtier. Ton of bullshit products are released into the market that claims to make you rich but do nothing. Everyday, the scammers are ripping off newbies. Everyday, there are victims of fraud; everyday an innocent person is giving out his own money unknowingly and making the scammers richer. This has to STOP!

Whatever you just read above is just a teaser of my next few upcoming posts which could probably be the longest posts I have ever written on this blog. I hate to start the new years with some hate posts but if you really look on the bright side, I am actually trying to help.

The BIG point I am trying to make here is; One will never Get Richer Buying some push button softwares or guides or bots or whatever… so stop being so naïve and stop wasting your money on crap. I am not saying that all IM products are bad but sadly, I would say over 90% sucks and to prove that, you will have to check out my next post and I promise you won’t be disappointed :).

Another reason why I am doing this is because I, myself am an internet marketer and I love this industry so much that I hate to see it fall. This is one of the industries where you could actually make thousands over night which you couldn’t from any 9 to 5 grind. Yes thousands overnight but not by scamming people but by working hard and smart.

Whenever I meet some friends who are not from this industry, they tell me if I scam to make money because according to them that’s how you can actually make money online. What a shame! And I don’t even blame them. You know it…

There are legit people who are making real money plus at the same time they are providing some real value to the community. Psychology is cool and Frank Kern is the boss :). When it comes to Mobile and iPhone games, who can beat Amish Shah and Trey Smith? Cool stuff, offline business ideas and blueprints? You should meet Ryan Deiss. Talk about making real money from blogs and being 100% transparent, Pat Flynn is the real man.

The above mentioned people are just some of those few legit people in this industry who actually care and want to help. I love their work and I have mentioned them because they have some way influenced me in my entrepreneurial journey. I wouldn’t say that their stuff has no hype at times but hey, at the end of the day, we are also marketers right? and we need food 😉

Alright, now the cool stuff…

I have actually evolved quite a bit since last year. I have learned some new skills, got into the offline marketing industry, laid out the blueprint for an offline business I plan on working with and of course, bought my first MACBOOK. Can you believe IT?? First???

Macbook Pro

Vision for 2012

2012 is going be “The Mobile World.” This is one industry that is growing at a speed you can’t imagine. I am not only talking about mobile websites, mobile marketing, QR codes or just text marketing, did you forget the billion dollar iphone apps industry?

Who knew Joel Comm would make $10,000 over night with a stupidly funny iPhone app called the ifart. Getting 100,000 game downloads in a couple of days or how about in just 1 day? Yes, it’s possible and Trey Smith can confirm that. Do you see the power of the mobile and the apps industry now?

Now getting back at my stuff, I have been working on a mobile company called Elite Mobile Marketing which is based in Richmond, Virginia. It is a full service mobile marketing company providing mobile websites to QR code campaigns to SMS marketing services. It will go live at the end of Jan 2012 and is currently in beta mode. Feel free to check it out.

Secondly, this is probably the coolest stuff I am going to do in 2012: Create a network of kick-ass iPhone apps. When I said, I bought my first Mac, You should have known where I was heading ;). I seriously feel shit now for not getting one earlier. Mac = Final Cut Pro + Screenflow + X-code + Apps + Awesomeness!

iPhone apps are really profitable and if done right, you can make ton of money. I love games and I own a ps3 currently; bought it just after my Xbox died :(. I have been gaming since years and I know that this industry kills.

Thanks Trey, for being transparent and actually posting those awesome apps statistics on facebook. That’s a huge motivation for anyone who wants to make money with apps. Thanks Amish for giving out this awesome “How to Build apps” book for free ;); just on time mate, I got one.

The Mobile App Industry will cross $30 billion dollars by 2013! What does this mean? It means it’s Huge and almost anyone can have a small piece of the pie. I am definitely getting my piece so watch out for “i do Apps LLC” in the app market 😉

If you are interested to get into this awesome stuff that can actually make you money then first of all, you MUST get this book Amish is giving away on his blog. You just pay shipping and handling which is like $9 bucks or something. I got myself one and I am hoping that he ships it fast :). It’s a 100 something page book on how you can get started in the App world. I bet it will come in handy.

If you decide to get the book, you will also receive a one time offer to purchase “The App Code”; it’s a course designed by Amish and his team that explains everything related to the app world; pretty much everything :) since I have checked out the course myself, I won’t lie. It’s pretty straight forward, lots of video tutorials with tips and good explanation and much more… I can vouch for Amish. Anyways, the choice is yours but if you really want to get into the App World then take action now because the link below will expire in just 6 days; this is because Amish will be closing down this offer in about a week so get on it.

GET: Free book on apps – expires on Jan 5th 2012

Mobile marketing and iPhone Apps Creation are 2 most important things I plan on doing in the upcoming year. Besides doing ORM and business consulting, I will also write on mastermind blogger which is doing quite well recently :). I do my best to keep up but with all the projects in hand, I will need a small team of talented bloggers to take some burden off me. I will also do internet marketing as always and work on some good stuff for your guys; probably video tutorials and more.

I have several other misc stuff going on such as niche sites, few other blogs, services etc which generate revenue but I guess we can talk about that some other day.

For now, this is IT! I just said it. Now I will Just have to Do IT! Have a vision and take action.

Before I start packing for D.C 😉 (yup, that’s where I am heading for the 31st), I would like to ask you just 1 question. Can you visualize what you want and desire? If you can, then awesome, take action and life will be wonderful. Let me know your new year’s plans in the comments below. Have a kick-ass New years, drink responsibly and make bank 😉 Talk soon!


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