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facebook page hijack scam

New Facebook Page Hijack Scam

There is a new facebook scam that is being spread around. This one seems to be more sophisticated compared to the other scams you might have come across. Thanks to GST from bhw for the source and heads up. So here’s how the new scam works. Someone claiming to be a security personnel from facebook…

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billion dollar start ups

The Billion Dollar Startups [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most of the time we talk about the million dollar start ups and how they have started from scratch; some even started from their basement. Frankly speaking, there are ton of million dollar start ups now but sadly the million dollar doesn’t sound cool any more. You know what sounds cool? Billion dollars with a…

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graph search

Third Pillar of Facebook : Introducing Graph Search

Earlier today, facebook unveiled its new Graph Search feature which is known as the “third pillar” of facebook’s ecosystem. It is integrated with Microsoft’s Bing Search engine. After the news feed and the timeline, this is probably the next big feature which is currently in beta mode and has not been rolled out to everyone yet. At…

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How Social Sites Make Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic was just sent to me by Jaime from It looks pretty awesome and I thought a lot of you will find it useful so here it is. In the meantime, I will be finishing up the videos which are scheduled to go live this week. Social Sites Making Money So as you…

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