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7 Reasons Why Apple’s iPad Sucks

Did you get your ipad yet? If not then don’t even think about it. I still remember when a friend of mine told me about the ipad the first time. He was so excited that he would have bought it blindly without even analyzing the product. I am still amazed to see how loyal apple…

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WordPress Version 2.9.2 Available For Download

WordPress 2.9.2 is here and I suggest that all of you upgrade it ASAP. There is not much difference between the version 2.9.1 and 2.9.2; they are pretty much the same but a bug which was detected in the 2.9.1 has been fixed. The security bug in the version 2.9.1 allows the logged in users…

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Upgrade to WordPress 2.9.1 to Fix Couple of Bugs

I hope everyone is running their blogs on WordPress 2.9. It has brought a lot of features and after a long time. I was quite impressed when i found out and immediately upgraded to it. However, after over a million downloads of WordPress 2.9, it seems like that a lot of people had issues with…

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The Future and Features of HTML 5.0

HTML 5.o is the next best thing in the html world. This is the core markup language of the www and I realized how important it is to know its features because it is not yet supported by alot of web browsers. It was started in June 2004 under the name Web Applications 1.0. HTML5.0 is definitely…

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